FHA La Sal Mountain Loop Road Construction Project 2024

Whispering Oaks Guests, Loop Road rehabilitation is scheduled to begin around May 20, 2024. If driving the southern route to reach Whispering Oaks, please note that passage is available 24 hrs/day on weekends as well as before 8:30am and after 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. The scenic and paved (rehabilitation completed last year) Castle Valley route is construction free and open 24/7 (allow an hour for drive time to/from Moab). Although beautiful with many great opportunities for spectacular views, the Sand Flats route is less distance than the Castle Valley route but is a gravel road with more switchbacks (also, allow … Read more

What does pet friendly lodging mean for your furry friend?

Booking a stay somewhere near Moab, Utah only to realize the accommodations aren’t pet-friendly can be frustrating. At Whispering Oaks Ranch we love our guest’s furry friends! That’s why we offer pet-friendly lodging with perks that benefit both pets and their owners.  So, what can you expect from our pet-friendly lodging?  To make your experience as fun as possible for all involved (human and animal) we offer designated pet-friendly cabins. These cabins are independent locations. These cabins are truly private and set apart from one another, so your pets can feel calm as well as have room to be themselves … Read more

8 reasons to have a destination wedding in Moab, Utah

Whispering Oaks Ranch is a private 50 acre property near Moab, Utah in the La Sa Mountains. It’s one of the most spectacular locations to host your wedding celebration. Whispering Oaks is an amazing wedding venue that also includes luxurious cabins available for your stay. 1) The beauty of the Moab, Utah area. Moab is renowned as a stunning destination, and arguably for good reason. The scenery here ranges from our famous red rock arches, to stunning mountains, lakes, and forests. The views your wedding party see from our ranch wedding venues will leave your guest speechless. 2) Our location … Read more

10 Reasons To Have A Family Reunion at Whispering Oaks

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Are you ready to make some memories with your family? Whispering Oaks Ranch, 20 miles southeast of spectacular Moab, Utah, is the perfect location and facility to host a family reunion. At almost 8,000 ft elevation, our 50-acre, private property provides quaint, comfortable lodging in the beautiful La Sal mountains.  Here are our top ten reasons why family reunions at Whispering Oaks Ranch are amazing!

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