5 Things that make a destination wedding venue fabulous (and why Whispering Oaks Ranch fits the bill)

Flexible Venue

Hosting a destination wedding requires a level of flexibility that means your special day goes smoothly, even when circumstances change. Whispering Oaks covers 50 acres of private property near Moab, Utah. We offer 7 unique cabins, each with private and quiet pieces of land, which means we offer a unique amount of choice and flexibility when to comes to housing not just the bride and groom, but also their wedding parties.

Apart from flexible lodging we are also happy to offer excellent spaces for both large and small wedding parties, as well as indoor and outdoor spaces. Our wide variety of hosting and lodging spaces mean you can fine tune your destination wedding to perfection.

Experienced Hosts

When booking a destination wedding, you want to know that you are entrusting your day to capable and calm hands. At Whispering Oaks we have been hosting weddings since 2005, and have a wealth of knowledge and practice under our belt as well as trusted vendors for all our needs. Based on guests preferences we can offer and fine tune a variety of spaces to their wedding. We roll with the punches, all with the goal of helping your dream destination wedding happen.

Nearby Sightseeing and Recreation Options

Obviously when you choose a location for a destination wedding, the pinnacle of the wedding is the local scenery and activities. We have no shortage of stunning and exciting places to explore, nearly all just under an hour from Whispering Oaks. Ranging from outdoor activities like hiking, biking, skiing, visiting national parks, or a lake day, the La Sal Mountain loop road provides prime access to all that our destination has to offer. We are also incredibly close to Moab, Utah, so you and your guests can go explore all the town has to offer.

Beautiful Aesthetics

When Mike and Kelly built Whispering Oaks they knew that the views and the beauty of the nature around their property had to be shared with others. Today, they are proud to share their property and the awe-inspiring nature around it with destination wedding parties. Not only does the beautiful property and surrounding nature provide amazing ambiance, it also makes for unique and stunning wedding photos!

Comfortable Accommodations

From all our years of hosting weddings, Whispering Oaks has learned that a destination wedding is much more than just a ceremony. For it to be a truly memorable and beautiful experience, it should be holistic. In addition to our actual event venues, Whispering Oaks provides excellent and beautiful overnight accommodations for everyone, from the happy couple to guests. Our cabins offer both group rentals and small cabin rentals, so if your party wants to stay together they can, but privacy is also an option. With plenty of bathrooms, common spaces, and any other amenities you might need, our lodging leaves nothing to be desired.

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