Five reasons why your next family reunion should be at Whispering Oaks Ranch (instead of your backyard)

Family reunions – some people love them, some people don’t, but they are always exciting! If you have a family reunion to plan, a destination like Whispering Oaks Ranch and nearby Moab, Utah can be just the ticket to making your reunion a lifetime memory. Here’s why we think you should consider hosting your reunion at Whispering Oaks Ranch.

Hosting extended family at home can be stressful

We’ve all been there, whether for a family reunion or not. You’re the host for a large gathering at your house, and you have to juggle food, where people are sleeping, what everyone will need, etc. It can be incredibly overwhelming. At Whispering Oaks we have extensive experience with coordinating calm, beautiful, and peaceful large group events. Booking a stay here lets us take the load off of any one host, so that all family members can enjoy the reunion to the fullest. 

A Reunion Trip allows Adults and Kids to connect

A family reunion logically means that there will be family members of all ages present. At the traditional afternoon get together, parents may spend most of their time wrangling kids. During a trip at an external destination, however, the longer time period allows both kids and parents to spend time with their respective groups. This contributes to better generational bonding! At Whispering Oaks we have things to entertain both parents and kids, and we are proud to say that we offer a playground and sandbox for the kids to play together. 

Exploring a new place with family offers chances to bond

One of the aspects of our lodging we are most proud of is our beautiful location. Not only is our actual lodge beautiful, but our location in the stunning Moab, Utah area provides plenty of nature and local spots to explore as a family. We are more than happy to offer suggestions for all age groups, including hikes, lakes, and food destinations in town. We hope that our location makes your family reunion more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Communal lodging aids connection

When you go on a family reunion trip at a location that can accommodate the whole party (whether you want to invite extended family, or just a select few), communal lodging breaks down communication barriers. As opposed to a family reunion in an afternoon, staying somewhere together provides more quality time to get past the surface with family you haven’t seen in a while. At Whispering Oaks we work to provide beautiful and comfortable lodging for your family, no matter the size of the party. Whether you prefer a large communal house, or smaller cabins that have their own plots of land in the woods, we have the beautiful spaces that will help you connect with family.

A trip has a fixed beginning and end

We all have some family members who have blurred lines when it comes to time. Maybe they show up late, or linger a bit past the end of the typical family reunion afternoon. And, while we love spending time with family, the benefit of an external destination is that no one host has to deal with their home or space being the destination. Having a reunion trip means everyone knows exactly when the trip starts and ends, and the external destination makes those lines more concrete. Every member of the reunion knows when they have to stay and leave due to the boundaries that come with booking a stay. 

If you think booking a family reunion stay with us is the right option for you, or if you want to learn more, please click here for more detailed information on our amenities and deals for family reunions.

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