The Micro Wedding Trend: Is a smaller wedding near Moab, Utah right for you?

Weddings are expensive nowadays! If you want the lower cost of an elopement, but still want to maintain some traditional and communal aspects of your wedding, a micro wedding is a great option. Cost, simplicity and flexibility are all part of the reasons micro weddings are growing in popularity. 

So, what is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings are true to their name! Typically capped at 50 guests, micro weddings are a more intimate and tight-knit wedding experience. Just like a traditional wedding, micro weddings include a ceremony and reception with family and friends, they are just scaled down to fit the financial and or community preferences of the happy couple. 

This style of wedding offers more time to spend with guests, lessened wedding planning stress, and overall can help the couple feel more present on their big day due to lower stress levels. Micro weddings naturally lend themselves to an intimate feel with guests.

Why consider Whispering Oaks Ranch for your Micro Wedding?

At Whispering Oaks we offer multiple wedding ceremony venues with beautiful views that are suited for smaller wedding parties. We offer beautiful lodging for the couple and guests that are suited for micro weddings and at no additional charge, ceremony and party spaces

Specifically we have our Cedar Bend Venue with three group cabins called Grey Dawn, Wildflower, and Sagewood that can hold 2-4 guests each, as well as our more spacious Cedar Bend Lodge Cabin accommodating up to 24. Cedar Bend features a gorgeous micro-wedding space that provides luxurious amenities and views of the La Sal Mountains. View our complete Wedding Gallery here to explore ideas of your perfect micro wedding.

Our intimate wedding venue options and comfortable lodging will add an additional spark of beauty to your wedding and make it memorable and meaningful, without sacrificing the value of reasonable pricing.

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